Jul 17,2014

Cast a wider Net

India needs to break out of the status quo on internet governance.

Jul 02,2014

No easy way out

The escalating sectarian civil war in Iraq is dangerously poised. Apart from consequences for Iraq

Jun 29,2014

No easy way out

In Iraq, urgent task is retrieving nationals. But brace for more consequences.

Jan 09,2014

Not handled with care

In 2013,India failed to manage important bilateral relationships,or to communicate the rationale of foreign policy initiatives.

Sep 10,2013

No good options in Syria

Post military-strike scenarios are frightening from every angle,including from the US security perspective.

Aug 30,2013

No-win in Syria

Obama's red line on chemical weapon use has come to haunt him.

Jun 27,2013

Wide asleep on the net

The Snowden revelations point to the urgency to overhaul the current architecture of global internet governance

May 13,2013

Playing hardball with China

The Chinese have put India on notice. Can India raise its game?