Nov 11,2020

The Opposition fails because it’s dishonest

Misinformation, disinformation and outright lies form the staple diet of fake and false narratives.

Oct 03,2020

Opposition dissent on Farm Bills is dishonesty in the name of democracy

Environment of acceptance and tolerance for diverse views is a result of institutional dignity, mutual respect and established d..

Sep 23,2020

We must not allow political opportunism to overshadow the key measures enunciated through farm bills

The PM and agriculture minister have clarified several times that fixed MSP and government purchase at MSP will continue and tha..

Jun 01,2020

Civil aviation has expanded in reach and scale, it will come out of this crisis stronger

As the prime minister has rightly pointed out, we have to view this crisis as an opportunity. We need to ensure that the Indian ..

May 17,2020

Why the stimulus will boost the Indian economy

Even as the government has proactively dealt with the crisis, the Opposition has engaged in baseless criticism

May 14,2020

Pull Us Up By the Bootstraps

The special economic package of Rs 20 lakh crore - 10% of India’s GDP - towards the making of an ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ stan..

Nov 19,2019

CM Arvind Kejriwal needs to take responsibility for pollution

The pollution is on account of the fact that the Delhi government has not been able to address the main cause.

Aug 25,2019

19 months spent in jail changed Arun Jaitley

The demise of Arun Jaitley leaves a vacuum not only in our polity, but also in our hearts.

Mar 15,2018

Moving to the city

India has been a reluctant urbaniser in the past. Through a series of programmes and legislation, the NDA government is moving t..

Jun 10,2017

UK’s election of delusions

In calling an unnecessary poll, PM Theresa May displayed both hubris and distance from reality

Jul 21,2016

The pliant steward

UN faces a crisis, but its new secretary general is unlikely to upset tradition, challenge the permanent members.

Jan 22,2016

And diplomacy won

The fruits of the Iran nuclear deal, visible from this month, demonstrate the necessity and benefits of multilateralism.

Jan 27,2015

Day after the summit

Obama visit elevates India-US ties, paves way for convergence outside bilateral areas

Sep 26,2014

A new compact against IS

The international community is trying to evolve a global counter-terror strategy. It’s important to get the strategic diagnosi..

Aug 29,2014

Clash: 5 J&K students quit Punjab college

College closed after fight over ‘cheering’ Pak cricket team.