Apr 17,2020 Statements

What Hardeep Singh Puri Said On New Building Of Parliament ..

Urban Development Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said government is inviting designs for new Parliament building.

Oct 31,2019 Speech

Hardeep Singh Puri on Artical 370 ..

Hardeep Singh Puri is an Indian politician, a former diplomat who is the current Civil Aviation Minister of India and ..

Feb 11,2017 Speech

India and the Western Liberal Democratic Order (Part A) ..

I deem it a great privilege to be able to interact with you this afternoon. There is unmistakable turbulence ..

Feb 11,2017 Speech

India and the Western Liberal Democratic Order (Part – B) ..

It is a sign of the troubled times we live in that what we add to the Lexicon is terms ..

Feb 11,2017 Speech

India and the Western Liberal Democratic Order : Trump and turbulence (Part C) ..

Successive Indian governments have invested, some more heavily than others, in seeking greater strategic content in relations with the United ..

May 15,2016 Speech

Farewell remarks by Warren Hoge, Senior Adviser for External Relations, International Peace Institute ..

Hardeep hosts 777 Club for the last time at IPI.

Dec 14,2015 Speech

The UN at 70: Its relevance for India and the world ..

The Charter of the United Nations came into force on October 24, 1945. India was among its founding members. ..

Dec 05,2015 Speech

Is the UN at 70 fit for purpose? Some Reflections .. Text of my Speech at ORF today ..

The seventieth anniversary is an important milestone in the life of any organization. The coming months will also see the ..

May 09,2014 Speech

Foreign Policy challenges for the new Government ..

Less than 72 hours from now, the last phase of polling in the world’s largest democracy will conclude. Nearly ..

Apr 17,2014 Speech

Demographic dividend or toxic time bomb ..

I propose, with your permission, to focus on the youth, a subject which has fascinated me since my own youth ..

Mar 10,2014 Speech

My Vision for 2020 ..

The subject you have chosen: India 2020 – Vision for Financial Sector is important and a discussion on this timely.

Mar 10,2014 Speech

India-US Relations at the Cross-roads? ..

The fact that our bilateral relationship with the United States is important is a given. The US is the ..