Explanation of Vote on the Resolution concerning Syria by Ambassador Hardeep Singh Puri, Permanent Representative of India at the UN Security Council

Apr 14,2012

Thank you, Madam President.


Madam President, India has consistently supported all efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis through an inclusive Syrian-led political process that meets the legitimate aspirations of all sections of Syrian society. To this end, we have given our full support for the mission of Joint Special Envoy Mr. Kofi Annan. Earlier this morning, our Minister of External Affairs spoke to Mr. Annan and underscored India’s support for his mission.


2. Madam President, it is a matter of satisfaction that Mr. Annan’s efforts over the last six weeks have resulted in cessation of violence. We welcome this development and also the commitment of the Government of Syria to the six-point plan proposed by Mr. Annan. We expect that the Syrian opposition too will adhere to the relevant parts of this plan, renounce violence and cooperate fully with Mr. Annan.


3. We have voted in favour of the resolution today so that an advance team of the UN supervision mission may be deployed expeditiously to monitor the cessation of violence. We hope that all parties, including the opposition, will implement their commitment and cooperate with the mission.


It is also necessary that the mission carries out its work impartially, fairly and independently with due respect for Syria’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity.


4. Madam President, for the success of the Annan plan and observer mission, it is necessary that it is accompanied by an inclusive Syrian-led political process. The cessation of violence should create a conducive environment for such a process to start as early as possible.


We have noted the commitment of the Government of Syria to such a process. We expect that the opposition will also engage seriously in this process so that the crisis is resolved without any further bloodshed, and that peace, stability and security is re-established and the people of Syria are able to focus their energies on socio-economic development.


5. Madam President, for the success of the Annan mission, it is also necessary that all countries in Syria’s neighbourhood and beyond facilitate, and extend their support for, a political resolution of the Syrian crisis under the auspices of the Joint Special Envoy. India, for its part, will continue to extend full support for the impartial implementation of Mr. Annan’s six-point plan.


Thank you.

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